Sunday, March 4, 2012

Downton Abbey fan portraits

My wife and I started watching Downton Abbey last year and couldn't wait for season 2. Inspired by all the shows fascinating storylines and style, I imagined a Grantham family crest that plays on facets of the show.

The fantastic hats from the show's time period replace the traditional helmet at the top, along with a quote form the Dowager Countess, "What is a weekend?" translated into Latin of course!  A life preserver from the Titantic represents the male heir that perished. A maid and valet hold everything together. I created Victorian era paper silhouettes to represent the three Crawley daughters. This led to creating portraits for each family member.

Lastly, I couldn't forget our most favorite Downton Characters, Anna and Mr. Bates.

If you enjoy this Downton-inspired art. check out here or here.

I wonder if Lord grantham's dog drinks from a bowl like this:


  1. Wonderful... I did share this on my tumblr account but I couldn't get the link to work...

    1. Thanks Dave! I appreciate the share. Looking forward to Season 3!